Carlos Luis Olivas, Jr.

About the Veteran Artist …
Embark on the artistic journey of a true patriot. Born in 1941, Carlos Luis Olivas, Jr. is not just an artist; he’s a seasoned sculptor and two-dimensional artist who has shaped his creative narrative since his teens.

Forged in Service:
Carlos’s story is etched with courage and service. A Navy veteran, he served aboard the U.S.S Bluegill, where he translated his artistic finesse into drafting technical and top-secret engineering drawings. His time on the submarine, a testament to his dedication and skills, set the stage for the intricate and complex designs he crafts today.

Master of Form and Function:
Carlos’s forte lies in creating designs that transcend the conventional. From figurative to abstract works, his art is a testament to his command of highly diverse materials and engineering prowess. Kinetic sculptures breathe life into his creations, showcasing artistic brilliance and a fusion of technical skill.

California Roots and Military Bonds:
A proud resident of the California Central Valley, Carlos’s roots run deep. From architecture studies at San Diego City College to an impactful career as an Advanced Media System Specialist for CSUS, he has left an indelible mark. His military bonds extend beyond the submarine – his association with the Royal Chicano Air Force (RCAF) forged in 1973 speaks volumes about his camaraderie with fellow artists.

Family, Legacy, and Passion:
Married to Mara Urdiales, Carlos is a devoted father of two sons and a loving grandfather. His artistic legacy is a gift to us all, a testament to a life driven by passion. As the eldest among eight siblings, Carlos’s artistic journey is intertwined with familial bonds that echo in his prolific work.

Jazz, Colors, and the Artistic Rhythm:
Immerse yourself in Carlos’s artistic process. Jazz sets the backdrop as he relaxes, allowing his mind to dance with colors and shapes. The result is a harmonious blend of time, line, and completeness – a testament to his artistic metamorphosis, much like a river rock finding smoothness after a mountainous journey.

A Legacy Preserved:
The caregiver, custodian, and son; Carlos Luis Olivas III stands as a pillar of support, courageously navigating his father’s Alzheimer’s journey. Managing the archiving, display, and passion of his father’s artworks, Carlos III forms an essential part of the team ensuring @charlierobot legacy lives on. Together, father and son create a powerful duo, embodying the strength of familial bonds in the face of artistic and personal challenges.

Discover the Rock:
Carlos is not just an artist; he’s a rock in the artistic landscape, weathered by experiences and shaped by passion. Join us in celebrating the veteran artist who continues to produce profound work, a living testament to a life dedicated to art, service, and the pursuit of creative excellence.